A couple of days ago, my pen departed from the white lines in my favorite journal and
granted that it had taken approximately two years to complete my thoughts and feelings(mostly because, I utilize two journals simultaneously), I felt some sense of gratification and accomplishment. I’ve succeeded with coping through many obstacles, challenges, and life changing events by jotting down my feelings without abusing any of my other coping mechanisms that possibly could’ve led me to sorrow instead of relief. I’ve grasped a better understanding of the beauty and strength of my words, my passion, and my self. As a child, I’ve always been scribbling my imagination onto blank sheets—envisioning a space to be heard and to be authentic while sculpting and creating a portrait of myself that perceived to be an alter ego. Yet, it was just a mirage of my aspirations to be more confident, more outspoken, more courageous and extroverted. More of who I am today.

Don’t mistake, I’m extremely introverted because I read energy and must first find comfort around me before I spend hours running my engine. The process to become who I am today dragged me through the mud. But, as my tagline says, “a little Iman(faith) will take you a long way.” After given the ultimatum to quit and accept my life as a victim of circumstances or persevere and triumph over those situations and future roadblocks like the strong woman I am, I settled in my path to become the best poet I knew/know how to be. Not even a poet. Woman. A woman with sensual talent to influence, express, and seduce through diction.
The power of a woman is amazing. Impeccable. Irreplaceable. Irresistible. Combining the majestic grace of a woman with some poetry, it’ll vacuum the soul—transporting an existence into stardust. Not to brag or anything. Actually, that was a humble brag. This blog wasn’t made with the purpose to disclose my entire life but I found that many women relate to me. And I hope I can empower women through the platform of my poetry, my thoughts, my adversity, my relationships, my growth, my openness, and my pleasure for my sexuality and sex. My femininity doesn’t exclude men. In fact, I wish men knew how much women love sex so they can finally satisfy me enough for me to orgasm. How much Black women endure so they can eventually understand and we can unify our sustainability to manifest serenity. Knew how much a Black woman is actually worth. Even the Black women society deems as hoodrats, hoes, bitter, masculine, and damaged. My feminism is for every Black women ever created. My sexual liberation is for every Black women ever created. And this blog is for every person that wants to embark on a journey to their true purpose for their creation. I hope I inspire you and give you a little of Iman.